Cocktails: The Long Beach Triumph

Sometimes I think I want to have children soon, and then M comes home from the gym and makes me cocktails. So.

His mastery of the basics is pretty great (if you are into dirty martinis or manhattans, you should hang around this guy), but he also experiments with great success. This one is called “The Long Beach Triumph,” and you’re going to have to go ahead and ask him for an explanation of that moniker. Something about three (fruit) ingredients, and the number 3 making him think of “liberty, equality, fraternity,” and therefore of the Arc de Triomphe…I’m pretty sure if we could harness his crazy brain, we could power a small city.

The Long Beach Triumph

Gin (however much you feel is right, for you, in your particular circumstances)

1 clementine

3 oz. grapefruit juice

1/3 of a lemon, juiced

-Toss the clementine (peeled) into the food processor (or blender), and then pour in the grapefruit juice. Add gin and squeeze lemon over the top. Finish with giant ice cubes. Receive the adoration of all around you.


What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

So, we finally had the party I’ve been wanting to throw so badly since forever… a NYE bash with the nearest and dearest-est. It would be safe to say there was a LOT of prep work…

zomg, the cupcakes.

But I think it turned out really well!

Some really attractive people showed up on our doorstep…

…and drank champagne with raspberries while they cavorted with Smash’s amazing photobooth props…

Thanks for making that booth! I kind of love you. Clearly.

So, we got THUG…

How this has become a NYE tradition eludes me, but I love it.

…had a sibling dance party…

When did you get so awesome?

Mongrel's homies cheering his victory.

…got to bond with new friends…

He didn't look this shocked the whole time.

…who went great distances to surprise beautiful people…

I know! You were so surprised!

…played beer pong (in my parents’ house. With my little brother. Still processing this one)…

…and then played charades until D-Spice fell asleep…

…and even after that happened, actually. Watching him go from REM cycle to fully engaged silent actor in 5 seconds was maybe the funniest thing I’ve seen in…forever?

But he never got to play telephone this year!!

And eventually it degenerated into every wonderful sleepover ever…a vicious tickle fight.

Pretty sure that was the best New Year’s Eve on record, at least for me. 2012, the bar has been set pretty high! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.