Chillin at the rooftop pool. God, I love you Lala!

I have to wait for the professional wedding pictures to come back, and for M’s parents to bring their camera so we can sort through the memory cards from Maui, but I can document (in the most skeletal way, since apparently we took next to no pictures) the second leg of our honeymoon: Austin–> Chicago–> back to Boston.

Austin was super fun and offensively hot. Lala’s parents have a condo there so they can be close to her sister and the kids, but since they’re out of the country all the time, it was just open, waiting for us to use it as a base of operations in exploring. Well, maybe it wasn’t waiting for us, specifically, but they were nice enough to let us use it.

Brunch at Perla's

We tried to explore a lot of the city, but the issue of not-having-a-car collided with the other issue of it being-over-105-every-day, and so we ended up seeking sanctuary in a lot of air-conditioned restaurants and coffee shops. Which was not at all the worst thing that ever happened, and suspiciously like the best. (See above: mimosas. After which came oysters. After which I got really really excited about coming back to Boston and going to Marliave’s happy hour).

We saw some live music at the Continental Club the first night, an amazing bluesy-country woman named Toni Something. The venue is pretty famous, and apparently Willie Nelson strolls through sometimes and casually takes the stage.The clientele was hilarious, though…we were easily the only people under 40, and among the few under 60. This made a lot more sense once we realized that our cab driver from the airport (no spring chicken himself) had been the one to recommend it as the place to be on a Tuesday night. Whatever, old people can still party (and in Austin, they most certainly do).

My personal faves in Austin (as in, if we lived there, I would be making the employees extremely uncomfortable with my perpetual presence) were G’Raj Mahal and Joe’s Coffee. La demanded (extremely sweetly) that we check out G’Raj Mahal since it’s right outside the condo and she hadn’t made it there yet. Verdict: Resounding, amazing yes, please. Tables are outside, it’s BYOB, and you can inhale curries while debating what on earth the dinosaur skeleton bike contraption on display is used for. Or, you can use that time to convince your new husband of all the reasons he should be a law professor and then open a paleo restaurant in his free time. Results pending on that one.

We also sought sanctuary from the heat at Alamo Drafthouse more than once. Ok, three times. But tell me you’ve come up with a better idea than dinner and a movie (wait for it) together. If that’s not legendary, I don’t know what is. I mean, granted, the food is pretty terrible, so the real benefit here is drinking during a movie. BUT, when that movie is Starship Troopers and you can combine Guinness, a young NPH and people pretending they would ever, ever fly on a spaceship Denise Richards is piloting, well…yes. It was as good as it sounds. (Although I did have to exit reality briefly during the brain-sucking sequences. Apparently I’m even more queasy while schwasted.)

So Austin was great, and is even greater when you can go outside, according to the 50’s-ish guy M randomly befriended in the condo library and talked to for an hour (of course). I definitely tried to approach the heat as if it were a Cross-fit challenge (“I am hot, but I will just work through that!”), but I guess that is a fail. Turns out you just get heat-stroke-y if the temperature is high enough, regardless of your mental state. Good thing there was so much fun to be had inside! (Especially the book La’s mom left in the condo, not knowing that I would try to devour it whole: Emperor of all Maladies. Even I was not woman enough to read all 400-odd pages in 5 days, though. I need to get myself to a library so I can finish it!)