Finally back from DC, where we snuck off for the weekend to go visit college friends who have made it their hub of higher learning. It’s so fantastic to reconnect with people who were part of your formative era, and find that you can pretty much pick up right where you left off. Granted, they have a lot more to teach you about Important Governmental Workings than they did four years ago…but that’s only an added bonus.

It’s also pretty great to escape the freezing air of a open-deck cigar bar by huddling in the bathroom with your homie and taking awkward, blurry self-portraits.

Unlike most mad-dash weekend trips, we actually got to see everybody long enough to have real conversations. Which made me realize…I kind of love these people. Not that I didn’t know that already, but forging your way in a new city means you have to make new friends. The people we’ve met in Boston are wonderful additions to our lives, but being with people who knew you “when” really feels like coming home.* We have history with these humans.

They're there for you when you accidentally order a cupcake the size of your head.

We also have brunch with them. Dim Sum brunch with unlimited guava-lychee mimosas. I know.

These two lovebirds were our hosts for the weekend, and they were just unbelievably gracious and fantastic.

Everyone should know the nirvana that is Salpy cooking for them. This is only a tiny sampling of what she just “whipped up.” Let’s just say that she made the garlic sauce from Zankou Chicken from scratch and that I spent a lot of time last weekend standing on the kitchen threshold watching what was transpiring. And learning how to hold a French knife the right way. No big deal.

Maybe the most fun of all was watching M getting to be his silly dude self with the friend that brings out his little boy-ness in a major way. If I told you they spent the better part of the weekend playing Mario Cart, would you believe it? You should.

Just heading back into the week so grateful to have these lovely people in my life, and hoping all the talk of everyone moving back to Southern California “at some point” proves true… I’d sure love to see you all more often. And get more homemade hummus.

Just sayin.

*I am aware that college was only five years ago. But that’s like a fifth of my lifespan. So.