All in One Shot

I’m pretty sure I could power through the rest of the week on this image alone.

Getting kind of hungry now, though…


I’ve Created a Monster

Certain people seem to have becomeĀ obsessed with bagels and lox. Like, want to eat it several times a week obsessed.

Look at the concentration. Bagel. Cream cheese. Capers. Tomatoes. Onions. Lox. There is a specific order, and it is now his domain. He says he’s “embracing his honorary Jew,” and pulls out all the Yiddish words I’ve taught him while he throws the ingredients together. (“Wanna schlep that tomato over here? Quit kvetching, it’s almost ready!”) It is the one non-paleo food he craves, and even though it’s about a kajillion calories…how can you say no to this face?

(It probably also helps that I’m obsessed with it too. Let’s be real, this is not a martyr situation.)