On Monday night, I told M I had wanted to make him a super-awesome paleo dinner for Valentine’s Day, but that there wasn’t any time to go to the store for ingredients, so he’d have to wait a day. Obviously a total lie for which only sweet, simple men would fall.

Too bad I only thought I was the only spy in the family. As I was running around the kitchen (okay, stepping. Two feet in either direction. We still live in Boston), he stuck his head around the corner and held up a crinkly brown bag. “I know we said we were doing it tomorrow, but these guys wanted to come home today.”

He normally laughs at my obsession with all things beautiful-paper-related, so I cocked an eyebrow when I saw his card was from Papyrus. He said in his defense: “I had to go in! It was the first time I could look at the ones that say ‘For my Wife’ on them!”

Sometimes adult males can be nature’s most egregiously cute creatures.


What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

So, we finally had the party I’ve been wanting to throw so badly since forever… a NYE bash with the nearest and dearest-est. It would be safe to say there was a LOT of prep work…

zomg, the cupcakes.

But I think it turned out really well!

Some really attractive people showed up on our doorstep…

…and drank champagne with raspberries while they cavorted with Smash’s amazing photobooth props…

Thanks for making that booth! I kind of love you. Clearly.

So, we got THUG…

How this has become a NYE tradition eludes me, but I love it.

…had a sibling dance party…

When did you get so awesome?

Mongrel's homies cheering his victory.

…got to bond with new friends…

He didn't look this shocked the whole time.

…who went great distances to surprise beautiful people…

I know! You were so surprised!

…played beer pong (in my parents’ house. With my little brother. Still processing this one)…

…and then played charades until D-Spice fell asleep…

…and even after that happened, actually. Watching him go from REM cycle to fully engaged silent actor in 5 seconds was maybe the funniest thing I’ve seen in…forever?

But he never got to play telephone this year!!

And eventually it degenerated into every wonderful sleepover ever…a vicious tickle fight.

Pretty sure that was the best New Year’s Eve on record, at least for me. 2012, the bar has been set pretty high! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store.


Oh, Christmas break. You are the cat’s pajamas (if the cat is wearing Christmas-themed pajamas, preferably with penguins).

Pup saved the tree decorating til we got home (which was a day late, courtesy of an awkward 12-hour visit to Philly), but I think we did it justice.

We took M’s mom out to dinner at P.F. Chang’s for her birthday, and then saw this lovely human and his hotness girlfriend. (I need to remember to take pictures of everyone. Actually, I tried, but my phone died. I need to remember to charge my phone. So many resolutions. My First World problems overwhelm me.)

Cookies!! Lord knows why I was so obsessed with the idea of making Christmas cookies this year, but I talked about it SO MANY TIMES during finals. (“We’ll make them from scratch! I’ll blog about it!”). Hence M asking about seventy bajillion (ok, three) times during the process whether I took pictures of it, and my mom giving him an odd look. Not that she should be dishing those out…see that amazing gingerbread man with a VEST? Yeah, that’s all Pup. Looks like someone has some ‘splaining to do about how they got so good at cookie decoration…

The little guy gives thumbs up to his Christmas presents, especially the portable recording device we got him which he opened and immediately was obsessed with all day. I was SO stoked. There’s seriously no feeling akin to giving a present that a loved one actually wants, is surprised by, and is all pumped about. Also, please observe…

…that my little baby brother now looks exactly like my father. Not my father today, obviously, but go look at some old 70’s pictures of Senior Jew Fro and then tell me there’s not some creepy-creeps resemblance going on here. I mean, not creepy, obviously, since there’s nothing sinister about sons looking like their fathers, but MY BABY! Rah!

Anyway, we also threw A.Bo a surprise birthday party over the break, but strangely the only picture I have of this event is of Smash lurking in the alley next to the restaurant.

Cutest lurk ever, clearly. The party was fun too! The restaurant (Lares, in Santa Monica) looked like it was an outpost of Sketchville at first, but turned out to be adorable on the inside, with dressed-up waitresses and a ceiling full of birthday streamers. The birthday girl was totally surprised, and DOUBLE surprised once she saw her sneaky boyfriend who had flown in from Boston to surprise her (we hid him in a corner, as we do with all men until they are needed).

In sum = glad I originated in the sun, and counting the days til the permanent return.