27 1/2 by 27 1/2

Maybe it’s just the looming feeling that the bar is imparting to my life these days, but I feel a little compelled to pump up the “human” part of my life. It doesn’t need to be swallowed by the law. Well, it kind of does for the next month, but after that, I want to reach for more balance.

I’ve never made a list like this before, but I don’t believe in waiting until January 1st to start a new life practice anyway. So, here is a list of things I’d like to accomplish before the earth gets a chance to rotate again…

1. Pass the California Bar Exam the first time around. (I guess this one is obvious, but it’s earned the number one slot for this rotation).

2. Go to ballet class at least once a week.

3. Actually make it past barre consistently.

4. Become more re-attuned to my body, eating, and fitness plans so that I feel like I have my dancer body back instead of this more athletic situation.

5. Do one pull-up. (What? I like contradictions.)

6. Post at least twice a week on this blog.

7. Move the blog to a hosted site and actually configure the design in a way that looks somewhat professional.

8. Go to Spain.

9. Attend the first ever annual FriendFest! (I am embarrassingly excited about this one).

10. Buy a bar cart for our new apartment and stock it with everything so that I can make any guest any cocktail upon request.

11. Have a living space that feels like it reflects us and the things (and people) we love.

12. Use the Rosetta Stone and become somewhat conversational in Spanish.

13. Speak to all my closest friends once a week. (In person or on the phone, ideally.)

14. Institute a girl-only night so that I see my (local) female friends on a weekly basis. (I’m thinking a standing brunch date sounds like a really good idea…)

15. Paint something good enough to hang in our apartment. (I used to love to paint before high school, and just totally let it go.)

16. Go to New Orleans.

17. Read at least two books a month.

18. Buy fresh flowers for our apartment every week (or so), and arrange them in all the rooms. (Such an inexpensive and fast way to make sure you wake up every morning and are greeted with beauty).

19. See my family at least every other week.

20. Talk to Dan at least once a week.

21. Go on a real, get dressed up, wear perfume and meet at the restaurant date once a week. (With M). (Obviously).

22. Have a perfume wardrobe. (Scent has always been my most immediate and important sensory impression, and I’ve always felt like my mood can be changed immediately by a spritz of a different perfume. I love it, and yet it’s something I never buy for myself.)

23. Have an edited, adult wardrobe that’s stocked enough that getting dressed for work every morning, for brunch with friends and for dates with M are not sources of stress (and hopefully even fun).

24. Have an operational budget.

25. Pick a cause in which I feel invested, and start offering my time and money.

26. Learn to make at least ten totally new paleo dishes.

27. Take a weekend trip somewhere with just my female friends.

27 1/2. Be a delightful human being as often as possible.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions/substitutions?

Little more of this, little less Rule Against Perpetuities.

Little more of this, little less Rule Against Perpetuities.


Monday Morning Randoms

1. Last week I was shopping for valentines in my favorite fancy-pants card store. I didn’t find any non-awkward love-professing cards, but I did find this:

Oh hi, my childhood. Missed you for a while there, but now I remember exactly what it was like.

I wanted to buy it so badly, but…what kind of life would that be for this cute little card, just sitting around my apartment? So I texted it to Hope instead. She seemed to like it.

2. A few days ago, I came home in a crab-tastic mood. When I got out of the shower, M had made me this.

“We can totally talk about it, but I thought you might also want some tequila.”

I am tequila, blood orange and lime juice. Let's talk.

Just encourage your partner’s ambitions to stockpile an impressive bar, is all I’m saying.

3. Sometimes I like to pick up a second language at the gym.

Long live leather indeed. At least, that’s what I think it says.

Seriously though, School Gymnasium, could you please try just like one tiny bit harder when it comes to cardio machine magazine selection? I mean, you don’t have to give us magazines at all. But when you do…and the selections are:

-The New England Gay and Lesbian Review

-The Economist (five issues! Five!)

-The Atlantic

-The New Yorker

…and there is not a female-interest publication in sight, then I just have to question your priorities. More pretty pictures = women spending more time working on their fitness, right? I like Intellectual Magazines as much as the next person, but if you can read The Economist whilst on the elliptical…you’re lying.


Eat yo salad, no dessert

Last night, still firmly on my couch four minutes past when ballet was scheduled to start (remember how planning is not at the top of the life skills chart?), I decided my living room was a totally appropriate place to mount a fitness quest.

Such a thing was possible because, when I asked myself, “Do you have tools? Can you fix this right now?”…


…the answer was affirmative. Behold the totally hip tools of fitness.

You do not use jars of marinara as weights while grooving to a Jane Fonda video? Oh.

It was a totally fine situation, except that: (a) my step-touches are perhaps a touch too loud for our downstairs neighbors, and (b) sweaty palms + glass jars = constantly impending disaster. They never actually flew out of my hands and decorated our walls with Jackson Pollack-esque tomato stains, but you worry about these things. Or, I do.