Couch-bound and Crazy

I don’t think I’m going to have any weird food combinations left to obsess over by the time I’m pregnant. Pickles and ice cream? Playa please. It’s clearly all about sweet potato fries and German mustard.

What? You’re cringing, but if you tried it you’d be purring. I think so anyway…I don’t know your life.

I am one hundred percent supposed to be writing a paper for my legal profession class, on the subject of “Problems in Legal Education.” The only such problem I can be articulate about right now is the fact that they consider it a good use of 3L Spring semester time to be writing said paper. What about building my sexy attorney wardrobe? Working on the last tan I’ll ever have?* Coming up with unexpected but dazzling food combinations? You feel me.

*If you said, “and first!” we’re friends. I like your sass.


Procrastinator of the Year

This is the good part about writing this paper.


The bad part is the paper. 56 more pages. 3 weeks. Three other finals and one other paper.

Pray for me.

And please pray not that I get through the next few weeks unscathed (because I will, somehow, and totally undeservedly), but instead that I begin to be an adult and stop shoving myself into these cycles of chill-panic-PANIC-never learn. All the coffee in all the world doesn’t make these binges fun, and they’re just so fundamentally unnecessary.

Well, anyway! How is your day going?