Normally Costco Is Not This Profound

Yesterday, M and I were walking out of Costco when he said something that reminded me so much of my dad.

We were steering our overflowing cart out of the exit, and the path to our car was blocked by a little girl looking up at us with giant eyes and meandering veeeerrrry slowly across our path. She was maybe two…not old enough to realize that she was in anyone’s way, and just concentrating on absorbing the world around her.

I just stood there, waiting for her to finish her toddle, so that we could pass. We weren’t in any terrific hurry, and she was trying her best to exist, so there wasn’t any point in rushing her. M, normally a hustlebot of the highest order, watched quietly next to me, and when she finally crossed, he said emphatically, “Beautiful kid.”

She was; all blond ringlets and huge blue eyes. But I heard my father in his statement, because most people probably would have described her as “cute.” “Aww, so little! Excuse me, sweetie!” But my husband and my father are both people who, while they normally fling themselves headlong through life, will recognize and stop to pay homage to actual beauty. She was perfect, and what an amazing thing to have a tiny, perfect person cross your path while you push yourself through the minutiae of your day.

And how lucky I am, that I could watch my father see the world this way, and that I found a man who shares that gift.


The Units Come to Town

The parental units, that is. M’s parents came to Boston for the first time over Columbus Day weekend, and it seems like they had a blast. They stayed at the Fairmont in the North End, which meant we got to spend more time than usual at our favorite haunts (Boston Common Coffee Company, Giacomo’s, Mike’s). We tried to take them everywhere necessary to get a real “Boston” experience, and I think we did a pretty good job.

I think my mother-in-law’s favorite part of the whole trip might have been going to Top of the Hub and seeing Boston from 54 stories up…she couldn’t get enough of the scenery. I took a few photos too. No matter how long I live here, I can’t help feeling tourist-y about the beauty of this city.

The first time we came to Boston, M was adamant that we make a trip to Top of the Hub. We sipped fancy cocktails, discovered THE cookies, and speculated about whether our futures might ever hold something as fun as living in a “city like this one.”

A few days ago, as very different people (a married couple, about to graduate from law school) we took M’s parents to this same spot.

What a difference 3 years can make. Who knows where we’ll be three years from now?