Please Do Not Fold Your Answers

I am proud to introduce the world to Mittens Romney,* also known as Legal Pun, also also known as the greatest new pub trivia team in town.


Trivia was a pretty regular thing once Andrew moved to Boston, but we had kind of let it slide recently. Two weeks ago we all decided to randomly start up again, and just totally rocked the Casbah that was Stump Trivia. Second place, baby! They had a full house that night, so it was actually kind of an accomplishment. And we weren’t sneezing at the $20 gift card prize either. Instead, we were dorkily planning our crushing first place victory for this week.

Aaaaand we didn’t even place. Oops. Who knew the pivotal candy bar in the Goonies was a Baby Ruth? No rational person would try to befriend a scary looking dude with a Baby Ruth…they’re terrible. When your life hinges on deliciousness, always go for the Snickers. This would be my strategy, at least.

This irrefutable logic aside, I’m pretty sure we’ve assembled the perfect team here. It’s evenly split, gender-wise. Jenny and I are decently good at pop culture, M and Paul read the Economist like its their (collective) job and therefore have great recall of war, business issues and geography, and Catie and Andrew just…know an awful lot of random facts. It would be frightening if it weren’t so incredibly helpful.

"What is the best way to spend Wednesday nights in Boston?"

You have until the end of this song to answer!

 *Andrew is in charge of our name, which changes weekly. It usually emerges from current news articles that appeal to his love of the absurd; see Mittens Romney, or, as Andrew explained it to us, “what at least 15% of an American poll audience guessed was the Republican candidate’s full name.” Oh, America.