Sixteen Days Til Summer

Dude. Sun-dried tomatoes. That is where it’s at lately. I am pretty convinced they are the Paleo crack, because I cannot stop eating them. Apparently consuming them out of the jar with a fork is frowned upon? I guess having to display normal human eating habits is a small price to pay for living with another (really great) human. I definitely tend toward cat lady eating habits when he’s not around, so it’s pretty excellent when he comes home and brings meals like the above back into my life. Another super-easy paleo breakfast idea for anyone contemplating making the jump (or already there and just a little bored): a scramble of eggs, frozen spinach, kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes. He made this in 10 minutes. I timed him. (Not really).

I guess the sundrieds are just as wonderful in normally prepared and presented food as they are straight out of the jar. Doesn’t mean I’m not sneaking them when he’s in class. Ohhhh, the rebellion.


Delta Spirit and Dark Chocolate

A blogger with whom I’m basically in love (Heather Armstrong, from Dooce) posted this video earlier today. I feel like the blogger-shared-music that most often shows up in my Google reader is a little too…how you say…Bon Iver for my taste. But these guys are legen (wait for it. I hope you’re not lactose-intolerant cause the next part is) dary. Seriously. I just pranced around my kitchen making cookies to the beat of their drums, and then sent my brother several MP3-laden emails and text messages. What? I never am the one to find cool new music! There’s a duty to milk it here.

And since you were wondering, the cookies are kind of awesome. They might be too chocolatey, if such a thing is possible. (It’s not. Come on, now). I got the recipe from my beloved Health-Bent, but shopping for the ingredients was a little harder than it should’ve been…you try balancing cocoa powder, chocolate chips and coconut flakes in one hand while the other is holding a phone through which Smash is yelling, “Shot in the FACE” over and over again.* If you foresee a laughing stomach cramp in your shopping future, just get a basket. Don’t be a hero.

Sprinkle sea salt on the tops of the cookies before you stick them in the oven. And then lick the spoon while you wait in agony for them to be done.

*This post may need to be removed if you marry him. Or, you know, sooner.