Shire Couple #1 Come to Visit

Kim and Blake came to visit from Yale over the weekend! We see each other embarrassingly little (seeing as how we only live two hours apart), but whatever…it’s one of those things that you can just pick right up again, even if you’ve set it down for too long.

The beautiful weather continued, so we had to drag them through the Public Gardens. And Andrew came too! I think he’s going to remain a Bostonian long after we pack it in for the west coast, so any chance we have to hang out with him while we’re local is fantastic.

We had every intention of just stopping back by our apartment for a second to become appropriately fancy for dollar oysters at Marliave (read: put on pants), but M decided to show everybody the teasingly beautiful roof garden on the building right next to us. How lame that it’s so close, and no one is ever up there, and that we can’t use it, right?

Or can we?

Did we all climb out of our bedroom window and crawl down the fire escape to hang out on that rooftop terrace? Um, obviously. Ivy, brick, and grapefruit-vodka drinks in the sunshine is something you just do. No one came up to holler their disapproval at our antics, but we would have just made them a drink. Totally would’ve worked, too.

And after we had successfully hauled everyone back inside, we took them to Drink, because we love them and care about their happiness. I swear the bartenders there are actual magicians. Who else can take your measure as a human being with a few ingredient questions and then deliver such perfection? They’re such beasts. I will seriously miss this place.

(Not that it matters, because the drinks are so cray, but they also make perfect fries. I did not know this until Saturday night. Steak fries in which you can actually taste the potato are so undervalued. For reasons unknown, I feel quite strongly about this).

This trip sounds very alcoholic..but there was a lot of church-visiting the next day, so that sort of evens the cosmic balance. There was also a lot of olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting at some fancy spot on Newbury Street, but that’s beside the point. Unless the point is that Andrew is going to be invited over for dinner a LOT this summer, and his new blueberry balsamic better come too!

We had so much fun seeing you guys! Come again soon!


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