Weekend Update

M gets home late tonight from yet another jet-setting adventure…this time a conference in Miami. I asked him to (a) say hi to Dexter, and (b) bring me home a Cuban and a mojito. We’ll see in a few hours whether he remembered to fulfill either of those impossible/slightly unsanitary requests.

I decided not to tag along on his South Beach adventure because I still have an epic amount of work to do, but this weekend was actually full of fantastic friend-sightings.

Friday was the opening night for the ballet show, so I went to get my dancers some treats. I am seriously the meanest choreographer ever; it’s never intentional, but I always somehow create these pieces that are one long sequence of getting up and down off the floor. You’re welcome for the free Zumba class? Well anyway, they obviously needed life-threatening amounts of sugar to handle that biz.

I am such a sucker for adorable packaging and interiors, it is not even amusing. I genuinely frequent this establishment solely because it is cute. Their cupcakes are fine (and actually, so was the the guy working there. What a genius addition to a girly cupcake shop, and why don’t more places follow suit?) but I get an aesthetic rush just from being around adorableness. Whatever, there are worse vices.

So then I hid backstage and watched this happen:

Becky’s face in this one just kills me… “Well, hello lover!” And the perfectly pointed toes…yeah, she’s pretty easy to have in a cast. I just loved how sexy and fun and funny the whole piece turned out to be. Love it when things actually go as planned!

Law school “prom” was on Saturday, and after some really interesting cab adventures,(which included hailing one on the street in 4-inch heels after the original guy…I don’t know, forgot where Beacon Hill is?) I got to hang out with this amazing lady:

Alas, a somewhat grainy iPhone capturing of one of the people who has made law school bearable for me. I always feel like we’re “vibing” on the same wavelength… a push to achieve, modulated by a deep-seated desire to just drink wine and watch the Bachelor. Despite being tremendously successful, she just overwhelmingly gets how to live life like a human…I pretty much dig her.

And Sunday was spent at Marliave (oysterssss) celebrating Becky’s birthday…and meeting her ridiculously cute niece. Very seriously, she was the most well-behaved eighteen month old I’ve ever seen. She just chilled in her chair and nodded along vigorously to Alycia’s description of the DSM IV…an extremely normal interest for a toddler, certainly. She was also all about “yellow,” though, so she’s still actin’ her age.

Anyway, maybe didn’t get as much work done as was planned (perhaps the actual story of my life? No need to keep this blog any longer?) but having Blind Pigs and unlabeled awkward white wine with my favorite people is always totally worth it.




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