We’ve been getting commencement emails like crazy lately, including a summons to meet with a financial aid officer. Apparently they want to be there in person as we acknowledge the Monopoly-esque number that leaps into the “now due” column in six months. Sure hope those meetings have tissues. Or cookies. Both would be advisable.

I’m trying to stay the course in terms of not letting this last 20 days stress me out too much. You can do anything for 20 days, right? I mean, maybe not hold a plank position. But the basic idea is a sound one, and whatever…regardless of how it goes, in 20 days it will have gone, you know?

So this morning, after signing up to take the bar and paying our respective $800 fees to do so (WHAT?), M and I escaped outside for a hot second to literally smell the roses and eat lunch in the Common. And yes, he did use the old Otterbox to bump his Ridin Solo Pandora station for all to hear. It was beautiful.




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