Lamb Scramble with Sweet Potato Mash

He wouldn't move his hands out of the frame because he was "actually trying to eat this right now." Psh, whatever. Suffer for your (wife's) art, man.

I have to say that converting to a (mostly) paleo lifestyle has drastically improved the quality of the food we eat every day. If someone tried to give me cereal now, I’d politely hand back their soggy bowl of mushy grainy ick and find a safe space to cuddle myself.

Clearly my food photography skills leave something (everything) to be desired, but when we were first switching over to this way of eating, I would always be running up against a creativity wall. (“Eggs again? Surely you jest!”) So when I was really digging this breakfast, I figured it was worth a share, if only to prevent another poor soul from gustatory boredom.

It’s a scramble, which is code for “the easiest thing on the planet.” Dice some red onion, and let it cook down for a few minutes in coconut oil on medium heat. M had made lamb burgers* last night, so he just chopped those up and tossed them on the pan. The secret ingredient to all of this is what I like to call “feta eggs,” so named because they are in fact eggs mixed with feta cheese.** Crack your eggs into a bowl, sprinkle in (a lot of) feta, and then scramble in the pan as usual. Throw some chopped tomatoes on after it’s all said and done because they’re just so beautiful. And then embrace your Armenian roots (even if you just wish  you had them, like me) and squeeze some lemon over the whole thing.
The sweet potato mash is (truly) just mashed sweet potatoes, but we combined cinnamon and red chili pepper as flavor agents, and that was among the better decisions I’ve made lately. So yeah! Super simple, but such a fresh, healthy, delicious start to your morning. Try it and let me know what you think!
*Lamb Burgers:
1lb Grass-fed Ground lamb

1 Egg

Salt and Pepper
-In a large bowl, crack an egg over the ground lamb. Throw in the spices to taste. Mix it all up with your bare hands, and curse the gods for how incredibly cold refrigerated meat is. Seriously.
-Form the mixture into small patties and cook on each side for a few minutes. Throw some feta on top if you want to be awesome. (You do.)
**They might also be crack, but I don’t want to talk about that right now. They are SO. GOOD.

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