Even Ate Sunflower Seeds


This is what I was doing all weekend. Well, let’s be real….this is what I was watching. Eye-hand coordination has never been my forte, so there was certainly no softball bat in my hands.

Every year UVA holds a law school softball tournament, and M had such a blast last year that he convinced me to tag along as team cheerleader this time. Sitting in the sun, watching my husband and friends play softball (but really reading)….yeah. Pretty excellent way to spend a weekend. I loved getting to see my sports-loving guy in his element…


…getting to hang out with people I rarely see…


…and meeting some truly excellent humans who had been right under my nose for the past two years.


Charlottesville is so beautiful, and the cherry blossoms popping up all over were making me seriously rethink the decision to attend law school in the northeast. Add to that our Friday afternoon stop at Chick-fil-A (the southern chicken sister to In-N-Out, in both quality and inducement of devotion), and I am loving some Virginia. (Not to be confused with Loving v. Virginia,* although that is extremely important and awesome as well.

*aka the case ruling that inter-racial marriage was protected by the Constitution. Am I a nerd? Yes.


2 responses

  1. I feel slightly cheated that you guys were RIGHT HERE and I had no idea. I also don’t care that we just saw each other like a month ago.

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