Back In The Land of the Living

The end of the two-week spring break has finally arrived, and I’m back on my couch in Boston, trying to convince my internal clock that this east-coast digital display blinking 2 a.m. is for real. It was an interesting “break”… we saw a lot of people I missed ferociously, did practically no schoolwork, got a little stressed, and decided again that California is where it’s at, while eating tacos in the sun.

Then I spent the entire plane ride today reading this book:

It’s completely re-charged my battery in a way that no break could have.* Stories of other people pushing past the silly boundaries of ordinary American life and creating change in ways no one had ever been imaginative enough to propose before…they just shake up my core and make me feel like these ideas I have are worth pursuing. Check it out if you want to inject some fist-pumping inspiration back into your everyday life.

*Oh, and I bought it for three dollars at a used bookstore in Long Beach. Correct, THREE. And the bookstore was attached to a coffee shop where I procured a coffee drink containing hemp milk. And a music shop that sold vinyl. That should all just speak for itself.


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