Crunch Time

I’m a big fan of the way we eat; avoiding grains and sugar make me feel lighter, more energetic, yadda yadda. The only problem with paleo is that it requires advance planning…which happens to be my kryptonite.

For your example pleasure: There is almost no food in the house, but the refrigerator contains four different types of cheese. Clearly every household needs feta, goat, cheddar and parmesan in order to make it to tomorrow. Right? Apparently I am always throwing cocktail parties in my head when I visit the grocery store, since we always run out of cucumbers and tomatoes before specialty mustards and garlic-stuffed olives. I probably need one of those boot-camp coaches to run me through Trader Joe’s with blinders on, yelling “Keep your head in the game!” when I wander off toward the proscuitto for the fourth time. I mean, honestly.

So, the “I am starving but I need to sit here and do my homework and I feel that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the devil’s work” meal needs to be a little bit creative sometimes.

Instant Emergency Meal: Frozen Shrimp, pesto, olives and parmesan. SomeoneĀ had to eat this cheese. Public service, people. I am always here for you.


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