Really Attractive Raccoon Eyes

Glee hasn’t been good for a long time, but I catch up with it on Hulu every once in a while in binges. It’s musical theater on TV. I can’t not watch it.

And then their Valentine’s Day show was really, actually great again. The type of good where you’re just marveling at how talented all these people are, and how glad you are that they’re sharing their talent…and AND they were throwing some major “Jesus-Loves-Gay-People-Too” action in there, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Much as I love the fabulousness of Kurt, little asides from Quinn and the other Middle America-approved characters are probably much more convincing to those who might otherwise be inclined to disagree. And I am all about winning hearts and minds.

Anytime there’s a particularly wonderful performance, I can be persuaded to shed a little tear (I cry at talent the way other people brake for…whatever). But as I was watching Mercedes do “I Will Always Love You,” (which, come oneven warbled off-key still rates about 7 tissues) I remembered it was a Whitney Houston song… and that pretty much was the end of that. Ugh, that poor woman. Such a beautiful gift, so much struggle…

And now I am a sobby mess.

So that you may join me:

On the upside: Rachel’s gay dads, which I have been waiting for the show to reveal for, oh I don’t know, FOREVER. And they are amazing. As all gay dads are. Please observe:

I love everyone, just have babies and be nice to each other, the end.


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