I’ve been feeling not-so-wonderful lately, (physically) and yesterday made the re-commitment to get back on the Paleo train. I know it’s impossible to keep it up all the time, but I just felt like I hadn’t even really been trying. So far, so good…two days in a row of Greek salads for dinner, and I feel much better. M is thrilled with the re-appearance of the paleo cookies, too. It’s so funny, once those are available, looking at the cheesecake in the fridge kind of grosses me out a little.

Oh, Mediterranean food, you are my savior… This is an incredibly blurry and awful capturing of the falafel from the food tour we did in New York. You can’t really tell here, but it’s green inside, which is how Salpy always told us to recognize a “good” falafel. I was so excited, I texted her this picture. She “LOL”-ed at me, haha.

So, this is really important: I am obsessed with this blog: www.health-bent.com

I found it today by Googling “paleo” on Pinterest (dear Lord, someone please make me start doing my homework) and now I cannot stop scrolling through it and bookmarking recipes to try. It has EVERYTHING. Ah!!


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