Remote Support

I’m pretty sure one of the hardest things about being an adult (however highly debatable that label may be) is that your friends are so dispersed. People you could access instantly in high school or college have pursued their own dreams/mates/jobs all across the US (and beyond) and you have to plan trips to go see them.

Everyone is technically “far away” while we’re in Boston, but some of my closest homeslices are going to be at a distance even once we’re “home” for good. I was talking to one (my beloved Baller-ina) the other day, and it made me so wistful for the days when I could get her, some frozen yogurt, and myself all in the same spot with 10 minutes and a text message. She’s having a semi-moment right now, and I just powerfully wanted to be physically present to do whatever I could to make her happy. Instead, we talked about everything on ye olde telephone for about an hour.

This is how talking to you makes me feel, 100% of the time. Gatchagatchagatcha!!

Still. Distance between friends is not the most spectacular invention, but just knowing that someone is holding you in their mind and sending you good vibrations does help. Enough? I hope so.

That being said…can we get a bullet train up in here?

You might see a little too much of me if they do build one!


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