It’s Getting Pretty Chilly Around Here…

I snapped this on Instagram with my new iPhone (!!) right before we took off for California for Christmas break. (And I do mean right before…we walked over to the mall to do some last minute shopping, and then realized our plane was scheduled to take off in two hours. Adequate planning = not the strong suit of this little family).

California was so, so gorgeous (New Year’s Day was 80 degrees), which is making our re-entry into East Coast “winter” kind of intense. Today it was 20 outside…I had forgotten how that number makes my ears and cheeks ache. I’m trying not to mind it, though, and concentrating on the facts that (a) it’s the last real “winter” we’ll have to get through, and (b) freezing temps mean concentrating on all things inside-oriented. So far that list includes checking out the MFA, cuddling with Ghirardelli brownies, being the guinea pig for M’s quest to create perfect Manhattan (I am such a good wife), and watching a million zillion movies. Next on that list is the new Sherlock Holmes tonight, if M finishes his reading in time.  I have an intense vested interest in this…not for the movie, which will probably be pretty silly, but for the aforementioned brownie that will be snuck into the theater in my purse. Godspeed, husband. As Marcel the Shell would put it, Read ON!


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