We were planning on capitalizing on our free Friday by going to our favorite Indian buffet place, but then we realized that it’s all the way in Inman Square. Tricky business, this “remembering you live somewhere different now.” Good thing that mental lapse paved the way for…

hint...delicious tea...

Dim Sum!! I don’t think I’ve ever had dim sum outside of San Francisco before, and other than one recent trip to a sushi place, M and I hadn’t explored Boston’s Chinatown at all. I think it’s the last neighborhood to remain untouched, which is totally bizarre given my fixation on Asian foods of all kinds.

M put me in charge of ordering, and I was really hungry, which resulted in a never-ending stream of steaming little dishes arriving at our table.  Sadder things have happened.

Obv, Yelp was our trusty guide yet again, and Winsor Dim Sum was the biz. I hope they await our imminent return (and overlook that I got distracted by the excellence of my shrimp dumplings and used the wrong end of my chopsticks to speed their delivery to my mouth. Oops).


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