Another Day, Another 100,000 Sequins

So, when this girl comes to visit…

Pretty much love it when Filene's supplies our outfits for the night about an hour before lift-off.

…it’s nearly inevitable that some sort of shenanigans are going to ensue. When she came last year, we persuaded M and our friend D, who was also visiting, of the necessity of visiting Jacques, a drag show in the South End. (Honestly, they wouldn’t want this known, but…very little persuasion was needed). That glitter-fest began my official all-out LOVE of all things fabulous, and so of course a return trip was in order when she returned a few weeks ago.

But first, we displayed our domestic diva-dom…

Shrimp and sausage kabobs and caprese salad...M declared that he was overjoyed to have us as his "wife." Singular.

…and then headed out for entertainment that was decidedly less Leave it to Beaver…

A little costume inspiration, in case you're running low...

This is "Mizery" and I am in LOVE. Apparently that became abundantly clear, since the fourth time she came out and I yelled "MIZERY!" A. Bo turned to me and said with a smile, "Oh! Is she, like, your favorite?"

Basically, come back. Visit all the time. The End.



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