Current Most Favorite Thing

…in the entire world is this candle.

Also sort of in love with the industrial Beacon Hill scene outside our bedroom window.

Or any pumpkin-spice-fall-is-here-and-fully-in-your-face scented candle. We picked this one up at Target because M was obsessed with the Bath & Body Works one my mom has had in our kitchen for the past eon. I noticed one of the trees in the Common dropping its leaves yesterday, so we decided it was “officially the first day of Fall” and lit it last night after dinner. And then we interrupted the movie we were watching approximately 1,000 times to tell each other how AMAZING our apartment smelled, “right?!?”

Fall, I am obsessed with you. You and all your scarf/pumpkin/crunchy leaf accoutrements are very much welcome here.


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