The Next Adventure…

And so it begins again…

Somehow all the major life events that I couldn’t picture possibly ever happening have not only sounded the trumpets of their arrival (LAW FIRM SUMMER! WEDDING DAY! HONEYMOON!) but have swished right by me and now reside in the rear view mirror of my life. I secured an offer of employment after graduation. I am a married woman. I have reclined on the sand in Maui and watched my husband snorkel around the bluest water I’ve ever seen.

And now we’ve started the third year of law school. The last year of living in Boston. The final chapter of formal schooling. This May we will graduate (and take cap and gown pictures together this time! We have none from college. This is absurd.) and move back to California, with all the school we will ever attend behind us. For some reason, this–not marriage, not a job offer–makes me feel like adulthood is waiting for us on our return home.

I can’t wait, but I am also determined to make this last year the best possible use of our “pre-adulthood” time. I’ve become obsessed with paleo food blogs and have been flexing my domestic muscles (and getting sore easily…they are weak). We moved to Beacon Hill, the best decision ever because it makes just walking to the T an adventure in East Coast charm. It also makes it an adventure called “All Your Shoes are Now Destroyed,” but that’s a negligible sacrifice at the altar of THIS YEAR. That’s how I want it to be…all caps, all adventure.


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