The whole point of being a law student is that you’re supposed to totally love working on Saturdays.

Oh. It’s about liking law? Mmmmm, no one ever informed me. And while I do, (like law, that is) I must inform you that NO MADAM, I am not fond of spending Saturdays doing anything other than hanging around my hunky fiancé and trying to get him to take me out to eat. (Success rate = approximately fifty percent. This would be astronomically higher if someone would just OPEN A PALEO RESTAURANT for the love of God.)

Anyway…having chosen law as a career, and actually wishinghopingpraying to get a job offer at the firm this summer, I need to acclimate myself to the concept of putting in the hours andnot seeing that concept as death-on-a-stick being served to me by Satan. So…things I love about studying:

1. The opportunity to consume copious amounts of caffeine and have society see it as a useful tool rather than a sad, sad addiction.
2. The fact that the Starbucks nearest the law school is effectively a library, populated by friends who like to commiserate.  And share their outlets.
3. Reading is fun. I used to read so much as a kid, I would get in trouble. Granted, I was not reading about Civil Procedure. (I was a Level 3 nerd. That would have been off the charts. Like, Level 11 at least.)
4. Studying = not failing = job prospects = financial stability = buy a house? = that is the goal, I think = I no longer remember exactly why I am here.
5. Praise and affection from M whenever he sees me battling my nature and actually working. Pretty sure this is why I do most of my studying…we’re in this together, and I want to be a fully functioning earner to help support him, just as he wants to take care of me.
6. Semi-profound wonder that they let me take class here. It feels normal on a day-to-day basis, but on days like today, when the gorgeous hits…it reminds me of when we first got here. We allen-wrenched our way through all the giant IKEA dresser, stuffed inside it all the sweaters people told us we’d need so badly, and wandered out into the humid, crazy city 3,000 miles from everything we’d ever known…just so gobsmacked that we had gotten that huge binder in the mail, that we were allowed to meet all these new people, that we were going to get to be sponge-brains on this level. Mostly, that we were able to do it together. Insane.

Cheers, indeed. Star-brary, I comin’ ta GETcha.


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