So. During our 1L year, one of my law school friends who is also a dancer joined the undergrad ballet company here. I was like, “Fool, you crazy. This stack of books takes up 100 percent of my time, and then I have to delve into witchcraft to make MORE time, cause Torts isn’t gonna learn itself.” And she was obviously like, “Homeslice, you’re a dancer, you should know why I’m doing this…”

And when I finally caved and joined her this semester to choreograph for the company…well, duh. How did I not realize how necessary this is for my psyche? I crave this biz. Working with these dancers (even when they decide listening is highly optional while I give notes) has been the highlight of my experience at this school, and sitting through tech rehearsal for the show tonight, I was getting pretty excited to join them onstage next semester.

Until one of my dancers pulled her groin.

Record SCRATCH. At the last minute, I am re-learning all my choreography to fill in for her. In the awesome column: I am excited to perform for the first time in three years. In the column titled “Zomg”: I had her doing fouettes. The last time I did consistent fouettes was the 12th of never.

An exercise in controlling the world with your mind: I’m gonna get it together, and we gon’ work it.


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